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Located in the heart of the historic center of the village of Ammerschwihr,21 Grand Rue.

We start the story at869, where Ammerschwihr was first named.

Over the centuries, the city spread little by little, the lords shared these places and these houses prospered.

Towards1431 the bourgeoisie of the city develop the wine trade, which is and will remain the great resource through the ages.

The House of21Grand Rue, hosted  many families, between winegrower and French and Alsatian bourgeoisie.

The dates sculpted in sandstone (pink rock from Alsace) tell us that this beautiful lady has stood the test of time!

We discover two dates 1539 - 1605 inscribed in the cellar and on the door frames.

Surely built long before, we find traces of the16 th century until18 th century.



The House of​ 21 High Street

Typical Bourgeois house, with its Alsatian porch, overlooking a beautiful interior courtyard and its small priest's garden.

Surrounded by barns and passageways (through carved wooden terraces).

The house is built around a magnificent vineyard staircase, made of several types of wood, with a sculpted solid oak railing.

Fir floors, some planks of which are more1  width meter. A half-timbered frame (panel of wood) and a pink-coloured facade.

The Alsatian bourgeois house has large openings surrounded by pink sandstone and high ceilings for the region.

Life in the house takes place upstairs, no ground floor, but a semi-buried cellar and terraces at the level of the living rooms.

Each floor is served by spacious landings, where through rooms follow one another, for living comfort and a beautiful distribution of light.

The House of21Grand Rue had been asleep for many years, we discovered it, buried sou a pile of dust.


Before our arrival, the house belonged to Paul and Anne-Marie M.

Madame, granddaughter of a winegrower for several generations, from Maison Faller in Kaysersberg.

Sir, notary from father to son since3generations.


Following the death of Monsieur, Madame welcomed children from Africa for many years, giving them access to education.

A house, welcoming, smiling, full of positive vibes and sharing!

She lived in La Maison du21Grand Rue, with nuns for a few years, before retiring.

When he passed away, the House of21Grand Rue, was donated to Catholic associations, such as

the Bishopric of Strasbourg, the Fabrique d'Ammerschwihr, Secours Catholique, the Red Cross...

In 2018, we discover this sleeping beautiful lady, for almost12 ans.

Nature had taken back its rights, the house was patiently waiting for us to breathe new life.

A crush from the first door pushed...

We embarked on this crazy project!

Renotowards this sleeping beauty, by giving it back all its letters of nobility, awakening its soul, bringing it a new breath of life.

A mission that was important to usheart, we gradually discovered the life of the former owners, forgotten photos, letters...

After5  months emptying the premises, we started9months of hard work.

The House of21  Grand Rue came back to life little by little, from the roof to the cellar, through the outside...

Renovate the sublime floors of the17 th, the period wall cabinets, the more straight woodwork, the moldings, etc ...

We wanted to highlight all these elements andt modernize the operation of spaces.

After 9months of hard work, the house breathed again!

More than just a house, the house of a lifetime, with which we were going to share our finest moments.

November 2019, we open the Guest House, and we welcome the first customers for the Christmas markets.

We wanted to create a family home, in which we live fully today and where we got married in 2021.




My husband is from the neighboring village, Ingersheim, winegrower and grandson of the founder of the Jean Geiler cellar.

Myself, I was born in Strasbourg and I grew up from an early age in the South West, returned to Alsace now 11 years.

Our respective grandmother and great-grandmother are named Marguerite, we have a family tradition within my family, to have an M, by generation. Our mothers have the middle name Marguerite. During our discoveries while emptying La Maison du21Grand Rue, we came across papers and documents, revealing the genealogy of the former owners. Madam, also carried this first name, Anne-Marie Marguerite M.!

It was obvious, La Maison du 21Grand Rue, was to continue this story, and Le Clos Marguerite was born.

"You can also see on our porch, daisies carved in wood"

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